Shenakht-e Donya-ye Gharb

Dr. Mirahmad Hashemifard
شناخت دنیای غرب
دکتر میراحمد هاشمی فرد
All rights reserved.
To understand today, understand
the past...
2017 marks the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant
, an event that changed the course of Western
civilization forever
.  The impact and changes it caused can be
seen throughout society today.

Celebrations, exhibitions, lectures, and more, are being held
throughout 2017 in Germany, the birthplace of the Reformation
which began with the German monk, Martin Luther.

To understand the Reformation movement and the birth of
Protestantism, read
Chapter 9 of Shenakht-e Donya-ye Gharb:
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Martin Luther
Painted by:  Lucas Cranach the
Elder, 1529. Oil on panel. 41.9 x 28.5
cm. © Fotothek Stiftung Schloss
Friedenstein Gotha.
The Morgan Library & Museum in New York City presented an Exhibition through
January 2017 entitled
Word and Image: Martin Luther's Reformation

They ask... Few figures in history are as influential or divisive as Martin Luther.
How did one monk at the edge of the German Empire divide the Church and
completely alter the course of Western history?

See Chapter 9 of Shenakht-e Donya-ye Gharb for Martin Luther's extraordinary
movement and the story of the Reformation:
The special Exhibition at The Morgan Library & Museum ran through
January 2017, but you can still see the Morgan's Online Exhibition on
Martin Luther and the Reformation by clicking here
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